Sustainability forms the core of all our work at RGA as we focus on balancing corporate infrastructure excellence with environmental friendliness across all our projects. Through the efficient use of best-in-class energy, water & waste management infrastructure, we construct green buildings that minimise environmental impact and contribute to a greener Bengaluru.

Powering Campuses Efficiently

Energy efficiency is an area RGA excels at, with a variety of measures designed to create a temperature-controlled work environment powered by clean energy. Through a mix of technology like IoT-enabled energy management, centralised Building Management System (BMS), controlled cooling systems and impeccable construction designs, we power our campuses efficiently and also empower them to remain green and eco-friendly.

Recycling Water Resources

We strongly believe in water conservation and have implemented several effective practices across our campuses that make this possible. With rainwater harvesting, waste water recycling measures and sewage treatment plants in place, our campuses boast of lush greenery that is well nourished with sustainable water usage. All these measures contribute to the creation of the greenest IT parks in the city.

Our Environmental Awards

RGA has consistently delivered sustainable infrastructure that always meets global standards along with providing employees with a breathable, green workspace. Our efforts have been recognised several times with LEED & USGBC certifications, qualifying us as one of the city’s leading developers of sustainable, green commercial real estate projects.

Towards Cleaner Properties

Along with efficiency and conservation, RGA’s campuses endeavour to be waste-free zones that integrate best-in-class waste management practices for end-to-end cleaner workspaces. The goal is to ensure effective waste segregation and recycling to reduce our impact on the environment, forming the perfect support system to our sustainability measures.